It doesn't seem that we hear about strikes as often as we used to. Part of that is due to organizations that bring construction unions, for example, and contractors together - often before the issues get to the strike stage. The parties work issues out before the contracts are settled so that there are fewer surprises later on. Everyone gives a little, but everyone wins in the long run because strikes cost everyone money, time, hard feelings, etc.
I am not in a union; I don't think I have ever been directly affected by a strike. But I have great respect for people who are willing to go on strike for what they believe - expecially after they have tried to work on the issues through mediation. Striking can't be easy - standing outside in all sorts of weather; being yelled at by people who are inconvenienced by the strike; worrying about their jobs, their benefits, and their paychecks.
And for what? To get rich? Hardly. These working people are trying to get a living wage; trying to keep up with the skyrocketing inflation; trying to keep or get health benefits for their families. Let's show these people support and respect when we see them on the picket line.
Our thoughts are with the striking teachers, aides, and other employees of the Grundy County (IL) Special Education Cooperative.


jen said...

Thanks for your support. We're hoping for a quick resolution so that the kids and teachers are back on track and the "healing" can begin.

The Mrs. said...

Thanks for your continued support. It's been a long three days, and I can't wait to get back to the kids tomorrow!