A couple of months ago, my momma heard about a sad little kitten whose arm was so badly broken that the arm had to be amputated. Our friend, Mary, was screening applicants for adoption. Only one person applied, and Mary wasn't particularly impressed; so my momma offered to take him.
Momma drove to Washington, IA, to pick up Neale, who was only 15 weeks old at the time. Neale turned out to be Nealee, when at the vet for neutering. Nealee learned very quickly to jump on my momma's desk and chair, and how to live with our other kitties. She and Hector and Snoopy have formed quite a bond.
Rya was very interested in Nealee for the first several weeks. She followed Nealee around the house, sitting out side the room she was in, waiting for her to come out. During this time, Rya and Nealee were forming a bond too. Now, Rya often lies with Nealee, sometimes holding her down and washing her fur and her ears. Such a good big sister.
I pretty much ignore Nealee; but if she gets into my space, I usually chase her a few feet to let her know who's alpha! But I have to admit, she is pretty cute! And a real survivor!

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