A few weeks ago, when I started to have some "accidents" in the house, my momma also noticed that I was drinking a lot , and took me to the vet for a check-up. Dr. Hahn checked the sugar in my urine, and found that it was "off the charts" it was so high. She gave me an insulin injection, and did some other tests, and kept me there for the day. When she called my momma with the news, my momma was not really surprised; she had had a couple of diabetic cats over the years, and knew some of the signs.
When my momma picked me up, Dr. gave her a supply of needles and insulin, and instructions on how to live with a diabetic dog. Dogs' systems don't metabolize the insulin as efficiently as cats', so most dogs need two injections per day - at meal times.
I had to go back the following week, to check my levels in order to make sure my blood sugar was getting regulated properly. Dr. said that I needed to have one more unit per shot, so now I get 12 units twice a day. I don't really mind the shots; the needle is so tiny, I hardly feel it. And I can tell that I feel better! No more accidents! Not as much obsessing about food! And I get canned food now, because it has more of the protein that I need.
Some dogs' families are not willing or able to give insulin or in other ways cope with a diabetic dog. Such a situation significantly shortens the dog's life! My moms say it's easy and not very expensive to deal with my diabetes. If you want more information on diabetes in dogs, check out vetinfo4dogs. Your dog will thank you.

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