My mommas are for Barack Obama; of course they thought that he won last night's debate. My momma wants to share this interesting article from SLATE online magazine:
"How do you stop the progress of a stratospheric object filled with rocket fuel? This was the Navy's task Wednesday and Hillary Clinton's task at Thursday night's debate in Austin, Texas. The Navy hit its mark. Hillary Clinton didn't. She didn't really even take a shot.
"Clinton was occasionally aggressive, but not enough to shake up the dynamic that has her nearly tied in polls in the crucial March 4 primary states of Ohio and Texas. Clinton's game plan was to connect with voters, not to tear down Barack Obama. She took pains to show that she understood the concerns of regular folks and that she had plans to address them. She did this well at times, particularly in her final answer of the debate, but Obama turned in one of his strongest performances so far of this campaign. In an even match, the tie goes to the front-runner." Read the entire SLATE article here.

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