I had to go to the vet on Wednesday, to have some blood drawn for a test that will show my average sugar levels for the last two weeks. While I was there, I also had blood drawn for my annual heart worm check. Doctor Whisler had a tough time getting much blood from my arm; finally, he tried the other arm. Again, not much luck. All this took a while; and everyone was completely and totally charmed by my good manners and cooperation and, of course, my handsomeness. All the assistants kept offering me treats for being such a good, sweet boy. What can I say....
My sister Livi went with me. She also had her heartworm test and her kennelcough shot. She was good too, but I could tell that she was more scared than I. In order to try to help her, I barked the entire time they worked on her. I' sure that made Livi feel much safer.
We should get my test results back this week.

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