I haven't yet told you about my new sister, Livi (next to Rya in the photo). She is a Corgi, or possibly a corgi mix, but she acts an awful lot like a true Corgi girl. My momma's friend told her that there was a sweet little Corgi girl at the Scott County Humane Society. My momma went to visit the two-year-old girl to check her temperament, size, behavior, etc, so that she could report to the Corgi rescue people. Momma said that Livi (Libby at the shelter) was very sweet, but very confident, and barking her displeasure at her surrondings like a true Corgi. After several weeks, Livi had still not been adopted; and Momma was getting nervous because the shelter is NOT no kill. So my momma adopted Livi. She came into MY house like she owned the place. She acted very nice, but she didn't seem nervous to meet me or my brudders and sister. She didn't even seem to be nervous around Morry; and Morry couldn't understand that! Now, a couple of months later, Livi (or Wittle Wivi, as my momma sometimes calls her) enjoys her new home. She and Rya act like good sisters and girlfriends; they like to play and race through the house and around the backyard. She likes to help Morry be official watch dog for the whole neighborhood! I guess she's going to stay.

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