Well, my momma said I was a bad boy yesterday afternoon. My momma left the cupboard door open when she took out my girlfriend Cassie's Easter treats. My momma and her momma talked for a while about the weather and that Spring really needed to get in gear.
When my momma came inside, she saw the cupboard door open, and saw me drinking lots of water. Did I mention that the cupboard is the one where she keeps my doggie food? Momma was very disgusted with herself.
Anyway, the rest of the afternoon, I needed to go out to potty about every hour; and I had a couple of accidents in the house. I was very restless and my mommas could tell that I didn't feel good. Plus I was drinking constantly.
By supper time, momma didn't know how much (if any) doggie food she should give me because she didn't know how much I had eaten; same thing with the insulin. So she gave me about a third of the normal amount of food, and the regular amount of insulin.
During the night, I had to go out every hour and a half or so. I had to go so badly that one time I just peed on the dining room floor while momma was opening the door.
It's now about an hour before we would normally get up. My momma stayed downstairs, hoping that everyone else would be able to get some sleep. My momma is glad we will all be home this morning so that she can keep an eye on me. The blood sugar should level out soon. I just want to feel better and get some sleep.

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