Hi. Dis bees Gizmo. I been da new kid on da block. Myown momma asked me if I woods like to take ober the blog for my brudder who recently went to da Rainbow Bridge. I told my momma dat I am only 2 years old, but dat I wood twy it.

So, here goes....

We hab all been in da big funk since we been losin Zorro. He was da bestest ever big brudder. Some times he would even play bawl wiff me! He also teached me how to be a good alpha doggie - how to be strong but gentle.

In da spring, myown momma is going to create a special garden, off da porch, where we will bury Zorro; and den we will pwant hostas and other shade plants, maybe wiff a stepping stone or two. I can't wait till it gets warmer so we can do dat special project.

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