The following Facebook post, from one of my "friends" got me riled up before I ever got out of bed this morning:

"If you're considering that cash for clunkers, you might want to read what Glenn Beck has to say about the Terms of Service on the application. Apparently in agreeing you're giving the government your computer, full access/ownership of all files and whatever's on it, and they can go back to it whenever they like. Also if you've got Internet phone, they can tap it, listen to your calls, do whatever w/the info."

The person who wrote this little piece of mind-numbing, wing-nut stupidity is a fiction writer. I have assumed that even fiction writers do some research when they write - trying to bring a realistic atmosphere to their work. Fact checks? Well, not this chick! Glenn Beck said it, so it must be so.

Granted, she is not a journalist, but still.... Scarey stuff!

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