Yesterday, I went to a local shop to have a tattoo put on the back of my shoulder. The shop, O'Tooles, had been recommended by several people; and it is consistantly voted "Cleanest Tattoo Parlor" in the QCA.
The artist asked if I would be able to go bra-less for the next week, because the rubbing of the straps could harm the tattoo. Because going bra-less was not an option, I had him put the tat on my upper right arm.
For those of you unfamiliar with Swedish art, the image is a Dala Horse. The detailing on and around the horse are traditional. In order to show this detail, the size is slightly larger than the original 2 x 2.
I was quite nervous about how much pain would be involved; but I needn't have been. A friend at work had described the feeling as "annoying" - not really pain at all. And she was right! If it had not been for the annoying buzz of the equipment, I could have actually fallen asleep. According to my artist, Wind, some areas are more sensative than others; the middle of the back, for instance, is full of nerve bundles, and is much more sensative than arms, calves, etc.
My experience was awesome, and the artist was very good at conveying what I described o him. Needless to say, I am already planning Tattoo 2 - when I have the money. When I do, I'll be going back to Wind at O'Tooles.

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