From Mothering Magazine, January 2005:

"Get a leg up on recycling by going directly to the source, and freecycling. Based on the maxim that
'one persons trash is another persons treasure,' www.freecycle.org utilizes the enormous networking
capacity of the internet to link givers and takers. Completely and adamantly outside of the cash
economy, the non-profi t site is a clearinghouse forYahoo! Groups across the globe, that function locally
to connect nearby residents to exchange free items. Following detailed instructions provided by the site, volunteer moderators oversee and monitor
the postings in each area group.
"Created in May, 2003, to divert items from the Tucson, Arizona waste stream, the grassroots organization has grown to serve over 1,700 communities, with over half a million freecyclers.
"Logon and join an existing group, or start one, in your community. Help your family and your neighbors
to live more simply by de-cluttering and sharing your abundance, and also by seeing what free options are  out there before you open your wallet and buy more stuff."

Zztopdog notes: Want to know more or to find a Freecycle group in your area? Check out http://www.freecycle.org/.

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