After a brave battle with lymphoma, our sweet boy Jordan was euthanized today, at 9:00 AM, with his mamas holding him. We miss him terribly.
Your pain and discomfort are over now, sweetheart. Rest in peace, dear Jordan. We will always love you.


jen said...

Jordan was loved by you and by all who knew him. Your pack will miss him as I know you do and we do. I'm sure he and Leia are trading the "cancer-is-a-bitch" stories now... :)
So sorry about the big guy. Love to you guys and the other doggies who I am sure, miss him too.

deb said...

Hang in there you guys. It's tough and you, Greg & Jen and me have lost a pet baby in less than a year. You never get over it, it just gets different. Kisses to all of your babies. We will all miss Jordon a whole bunch. Love Lily & Debbie