I've been tagged in the ubiquitous 25 Random Things About Yourself. I won't tag anyone with this, but if you'd like to play along, just leave a comment about it here, so we know to check it out.

25 Random Facts about Pam:
1. I am very kind-hearted - probably more than most people realize;
2. I am still, at 56, quite shy;
3. I quit smoking 23 years ago by having major surgery (I highly recommend it);
4. I am seriously anxiety prone;
5. I love to laugh - in fact it comes way too easily in often horribly inappropriate situations;
6. I love all animals, and will do whatever I can to help/protect an animal in need;
7. I often prefer the company of animals to that of people;
8. I can be very stubborn, if the situation warrants;
9. I have a quick temper, but over the years, have learned the benefits of controlling it;
10. I love to read, and am rather picky about what I read;
11. I adore movies, and again, am rather picky about what I'll watch;
12. I like music, but have to be in the mood, and play the appropriate music;
13. I REALLY adore technology - computers, phones, pods, my car; I still say, "Thank god there are smarter people than me in this world, or we would still be writing with coal on a shovel;
14. The book that has affected me like no other is Blindness, by Jose Saramago;
15. I am an only child;
16. But, I'm pretty good at sharing;
17. I love the show 24, but I often get too tense while watching it;
18. I am on my tenth Toyota, a 2008 Prius which is as close to a perfect car as I have ever driven;
19. My partner and I have been together nearly 16 years;
20. My son, daughter-in-law, and their 2 kids are the light of my life;
21. I wish I could see them more often;
22. I am so happy that Barack Obama is our President; I backed him from the start; I don't think I could have taken 4 more years of a Republican presidency;
23. I love coffee, and have been drinking it since I was about 3 (that's the Swede in me!); but I rarely have more than 2 cups per day or I become too jittery;
24. I am hating cold weather much more as I get older, but I still love snow;
25. I moderate a local Freecycle (TM) recycling group because I realy believe in recycling - for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

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weeman said...

This sociologist has you pegged Pam...