From The Peace Train:
"John McCain practically dared Barack Obama to go to Iraq, and he did, with a vengeance. He has been on a world tour, going to three key areas Iraq and Afghanistan, where US troops are fighting; to Europe, location of America’s principal allies; and the Middle East, where America has a fundamental commitment to Israel and to regional peace. By most accounts, the trip has been a huge success. Obama has seemed presidential, and has been treated as a world leader in world capitals. Media coverage has been very positive and extensive, and he has not made any serious mistakes that could undermine his foreign policy credentials.
"If the McCain camp expected an Obama trip overseas would highlight the Democratic candidate's inexperience in foreign policy, the strategy may have backfired. From Kabul to Baghdad, and now onto Jordan, Israel, Britain, France and Germany, Barack Obama's first international trip since becoming the Democratic presidential nominee is being covered by the media like a world tour for a popularly elected leader. There is no preparation for the position of President of the United States. We have already proven that a man (GW Bush) with absolutely no preparation at all, a man who ducked his National Guard duty in 1972, whose closest encounter with team sports was "cheerleader," who bankrupted four oil companies, cannot speak coherently without a teleprompter or back stage prompter via earphone, can be president.
"Now some worry that Barak Obama, an articulate man with brains and ability, who actually cuts a presidential appearance and can speak of national concerns on the world stage without a staged, hand-picked audience, isn't up to the job."

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