From Dispatches from the Culture Wars:
"Found this via Pam's House Blend, which got it from Blogger Interrupted. This clueless woman from Medina, Ohio got on local TV saying that she thinks Obama is an "Arab" - not a Muslim, mind you, an Arab. So this guy from Blogger Interrupted found the woman and talked to her, not once but twice. He showed her information that Obama is, in fact, a Christian and that he has nothing at all to do with the Arab world and you have to watch her babble idiotically to justify it. "Video below:
"But the sad fact is that this is not the dumbest person alive; this is about par for the course. She's pretty much an average American - utterly ignorant, entirely incapable of thinking rationally or honestly and blissfully unaware of either of those things. This is the person you run into at the grocery store every day. They may be perfectly nice people, but they are perfect examples of virulent ignorance. "

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